Why Choose Deborah?

Deborah Wirzburger is founder of the DW Wellness Institute. A licensed massage therapist, certified health coach and yoga instructor, her content empowers clients with a specialized approach to stress management, pain relief and weight loss. Her private practice is located in southern Massachusetts serving clients from every walk of life on the South Shore and Martha's Vineyard. Her one-on-one on line sessions facilitate lifestyle redirects for individuals committed to rebuilding their health.

Determined to overcome her weight gain, depression and stress, her comprehensive investigation uncovered valuable resources. Hundreds of hours of diagnostic study revealed scientific research not readily accessible on the internet. Bio-energetic synchronization, gut-brain communication, homeostasis of the endocrine system all contribute to creating an environment that fosters balance and enhances longevity.

Fueled by her success, Deborah has developed self-care protocols based on biochemistry and mindfulness. The invaluable course content you will receive from her candid presentation is the catalyst for effortless change. Her systematic approach to healthy longevity makes your personal redirect attainable.

Get Started...

Discover where your body is struggling to find balance. The why will lead us to the how.


About the System...

This is a transformational education system. The material has been developed for independent implementation. You have come to this page with your own back story and medical history. This is your opportunity to be heard and assisted in addressing each of your concerns in the order of importance for your body, mind and spirit. This streamlining omits material that is peripheral to your vision of a healthy future.

In facilitating your emerging self-care protocols we will delve into eight foundational building blocks that underpin your relationship with your biochemistry. Your empowerment will be sparked by finally experiencing a real working relationship with our body. Your success is fueled by improved cellular performance, heart coherance, and a nurturing mindset. This educational approach follows your lead by responding to your body's intrinsic needs. Right before your eyes you will experience the phenomenon of effortless change as others just like you and I have already celebrated.

Breathe deeply, move freely, enjoy living your body today.

You Will Receive:
  • Lifestyle reconstruction
  • Personal analysis based on 8 building blocks
  • Cognitive scientific material
  • Heart coherency training
  • Tutelage on sleep health
  • Self-care protocols
  • Dietary redirect
  • Supplement directives
  • Strategies for developmental maintenance
  • Self-care initiative training (acupressure, massage, essential oil)
Boost Your Results:
  • Reach out
  • Ask questions
  • Implement lifestyle changes
  • Provide candid feedback
  • Be courageous and determined
  • Include supplemental support

Join me today and live in a healthier body tomorrow!

Booking a Speaker

Researchers are saying that evidence supports the fact that we haven't yet reached the extent of human longevity. Deborah brings an enlightened presentation to your group with levity and genuine concern for the struggles we carry privately while living very public lives. We are all further along life's path today than we were yesterday. We all share common concerns that span social and ethnic barriers.

How can we increase our energy and stamina levels? Can we reduce sick days while increasing productivity? Can small simple changes in our daily self-care routines and work environment play a vital role in the health of our future selves?

Let's explore how taking ownership of our daily routines can impact our present and future health and happiness.

Hosting a Social

This fun summer social will expose you to everything from protecting yourself from overexposure to the sun and free radicles to keeping harmful chemicals off of your skin and out of our waters.

During this interactive event we will explore products and protocols that are safe for your skin and the environment, while revitalizing you from the inside out. Bring your yoga mat and experience face yoga, PNF stretching, and lymphatic massage as you sample products that truly perform while holding to unparalleled standards of safety.

Learn how to become a viable part of a movement to get products that are safe for your body and the environment into everyones hands.

Deborah Wirzburger, BS, LMT, OMT, CHC
Liberty University, NEIA, Spa Tech